We have a long history of success in providing modular pump driven water systems for a variety of aircraft platforms and have delivered over 1,000 in the last 25 years. 

Our market share continues to grow with these unique, custom-designed systems that provide improved performance, proven reliability, low acquisition costs, improved maintainability, self-monitoring system health, reduced weight and ease of installation.

Each system is customized to the application yet capitalizes on existing designs.  Systems typically are used in the passenger lavatories, galleys and crew lavatories.  



Reduced Development Time – With the number of systems ARA has designed and produced, we are able to capitalize on existing products or concepts to apply and customize to new programs.  

Reduced Program Risk – With use of existing, proven designs or modifications of these designs, the potential for program delays due to design are minimized.

Systems can be as simple as gravity feed (can be removed for servicing) to a system that includes all service panel components, hoses, tanks, drain masts, faucets, system controller, water heaters and control valves.


Modular design – reduces installation time and increases maintainability

Conformal tanks – allows us to maximize volume in complex geometry of space available for tank installation.

Challenger 300 • CRJ-100/200 • Dassault 5X • DHC-8

Embraer 450/500/600/650 • Gulfstream G100/150 • Hondajet HA-420

Lear 40/45/70/75 • Lear 60 • MA-60 • Pilatus P180